Teleios Training Center is a non-accredited, Bible Training Center committed to academic and practical programs designed to educate students for service and leadership, in a diverse world.

Founded by Apostle Dr. JW Webster, the training center has a unique place among most Biblical training centers because of its approach to interpreting scripture using original languages. TTC is non-denominational. The training center provides individual and ministerial preparation for a diverse community of youth and adult learners. This is primarily done within TTC’s Website through innovative delivery systems including online instruction. Our training center is committed to a strong program of academic excellence that it built upon a strong Godly lifestyle.

Teleios Training Center views the Bible as absolute truth and affirms the Bible as the cornerstone for proper understanding of God's redemptive plan for man. TTC especially emphasizes knowing, understanding and applying Biblical doctrines and principles in their original languages as a key to living a Christlike life, and ultimately attaining Sonship.

Fulfills Discipleship and Ordination Requirements

One Hundred Fold Messianic Assembly had specific guidelines for Discipleship and Ordination. These requirements are supported by a variety of programs. Students should consult the Chief Administrative Assistant of OHFMA for details.

Students from traditions other than the One Hundred Fold Messianic Assembly are welcome to pursue training at Teleios Training Center. Fulfilling ordination requirements in one's respective denomination or local congregation will be the responsibility of the individual student.

TTC provides educational courses for ordination, while One Hundred Fold Messianic Assembly, Inc and One Hundred Fold Fellowship provides licensing and ordination to ministers and discipleship for laity.